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Drive. Our startup accelerator, designed to fast-track disruptive young businesses looking for global expansion.

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Drive with Belron was designed to find startups with disruptive solutions who could help us improve operations and discover new ways of working. We understand that innovative collaboration is crucial for continued development, which is why Drive with Belron is back for its second year.

With 11 million customers in over 30 countries, Drive provides startups with the opportunity to trial their solution in a global market.

Each team involved in the programme will be partnered with one of our participating countries (last year’s participants included the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Canada) with whom they will get an unparalleled opportunity to trial their products and solutions.

As well as this opportunity to validate their business in international markets, participating companies will have access to desk space at our offices in Egham, UK and receive dedicated mentoring from our senior leadership. We want to create long lasting partnerships, which is why we, and our investment partner L Marks, will ensure potential investment is available for participating companies.

We are the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement service provider. We are the parent company behind 16 well-known brands across the globe, including Autoglass in the UK, Carglass, in Europe, SpeedyGlass and Lebeau, in Canada, and Safelite in the US.

We are a truly global business, serving 11 million customers in over 30 countries and generating over €3.1 billion in annual revenue. We are deeply committed to delivering the best service to our customers and partners, as shown by our group net promoter score (NPS) of 80%. We run our startup accelerator, Drive, to work with small businesses that can supercharge the service we provide, and bring new ways of improving our business.

Job every 3 seconds
Operational countries
Employees around the world
Completed jobs every week

Belron is a big business with a lot to offer to young companies - together with Drive we can challenge existing thinking and generate new opportunities for both of us.

Nick Burton Head of Digital and Innovative Technology
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Mentoring from Belron & Entrepreneurs

Trial your product globally in one of our businesses

£200,000 investment fund

Sponsored visits to international operations

Dedicated desk space in our UK office

Drive is looking for early stage and growth companies who would like to work with us. If you are developing an exciting new product or service in one of the following areas, we want to hear from you!


We have many more potential customers contacting us about a problem with their vehicle glass than customers we actually serve each year. We’re looking for solutions and approaches that can help us convert every potential customer, however they make contact.

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In an age where customers are looking for convenience, we’re looking for solutions that will help our customers to help themselves get the service experience they want.

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We are looking for truly innovative ways to deliver training, connect and facilitate easy communication for our people.

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We are keen to find solutions that can help our insurance partners retain or upsell to their policyholders, or that can help them handle their claims (including vehicle glass) more efficiently.

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We are looking for ideas, products or services that could leverage our strengths in vehicle glass repair and replacement, while disrupting the solution to other types of every day problems that people have.

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Every year we have millions of customers that drive into our service locations unannounced, phone one of our 30+ Customer Contact Centres, or contact us via our websites to get their vehicle glass repaired or replaced.
The majority of these appreciate our service offer, book a job and end up delighted with the way we have solved their problem with real care.
However, as customers become more digitally active, it’s increasingly challenging to recognise and capture their details when they switch channels to contact us, and therefore make their journey seamless.
Our conversion is very high but we would like to further increase it by addressing three particularly challenging touchpoints:
1. Customers not recognised by our systems: We believe that for every 1000 customers we recognise into our systems across our three channels, there are at least another 47 that we never recognise and capture.
2. Customers not accepting our service offer: Whether they decide to use a competitor, to wait a while, or simply decide to do nothing, we have millions of potential customers that do not use us after contacting us.
3. Customers being ‘lost’ as they move between channels: Often this does not result in us losing the job but it does make it difficult to measure performance and it forces customers to have to repeat information unnecessarily. This is inefficient and totally against our wish to ‘make it easy’
Ideally we’re looking for a solution for all three areas, however, a great solution to any of these issues would help us in terms of profit and customer delight.


In an age where customers are looking for convenience, contacting our contact centres may not be their preferred way to ask a question about their appointment, or to make changes to it.We’re looking to make sure our contact methods are convenient for our customers.
We are also seeing an explosion of different ways of communicating chat apps like Messenger or Skype, virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, and increasingly sophisticated IVR systems, are transforming the way we communicate with each others. We are looking for solutions that will allow our customers to help themselves when they need to book, change, or have questions about their service, or that allows them to personalise the service we provide so that it fits them like a glove.


Belron is a people driven business, and we would not be able to deliver our service without having very capable and highly engaged people across our business.
Our focus on both the initial and ongoing training of our people is significant, and as the pace of change in our industry, and of our customer expectations accelerates, we need to find new ways of:

  • delivering training to our people, wherever they may be located
  • supporting engagement and connectedness across our teams
  • facilitating easy communication and sharing of best practices across the organisation

The technology that can support us with these challenges is getting very exciting. With virtual and augmented reality becoming mainstream, social media platforms becoming ubiquitous, and bandwidth able to support live video streaming commonplace,we are confident that we can find some truly innovative ways of helping us build our capability and our engagement.


Belron serves 11 million customers per year, and many of these are also policyholders of our insurance partners. Research shows that having a brilliant experience when making a claim such as a vehicle glass repair or replacement, can have a positive impact on retention for the insurer. It can also provide opportunities for them to upsell or cross-sell additional value adding services to their policyholder.
Another key factor for our insurance partners is efficient management of claims with the rapidly changing expectations of their policyholders driven by the experiences they are having with other types of organisation, this is an area where we see a lot of opportunity to experiment in delivering real efficiencies. We are keen to find solutions that can help our insurance partners retain or upsell to their policyholders, or that can help them handle their claims (including vehicle glass) more efficiently.


Belron’s purpose as an organisation is to ‘make a difference by solving people’s problems with real care’, and we have done this for over 100 years for our vehicle glass repair and replacement customers.
By doing this, we have built significant capabilities in our supply chain, customer experience, customer contact centres, marketing, sales and key account relationship management, and workforce management and scheduling areas (amongst others).
We know that standing still is not an option, and are keen to find ways of disrupting the solving of day-to-day problems people have, beyond vehicle glass.
We are very keen to hear from companies who have an idea, product or service that could leverage our strengths, while disrupting the solution to other types of everyday problems that people have.

The quality of the finalists and the relationships built during the programme mean that Belron will continue to work with each company and deploy their products and solutions.

Stuart Marks Chairman, L Marks
Image of Craig Watt

Craig Watt

Operations Development Manager - Customer Strategy

I’m excited to share how we’ve become successful at solving a specific problem motorists have. I’ll connect you with the leaders in our businesses who are hungry to solve even more of the everyday problems that people have.

Image of Ed Colley

Ed Colley

Digital Experience Best Practice Manager

Having already had experience as a (winning!) mentor for the previous Drive programme, I will provide support, knowledge, tea and biscuits to whoever I am lucky enough to work with.

Image of Louise Nowell

Louise Nowell

Regional People and Leadership Development Manager

I absolutely love the idea of doing something new and exciting in this space! If you can offer something that will Make a Difference to our people then I promise to support, share, connect and challenge all the way.

Image of Robert Sterke

Robert Sterke

Global Sales Development Director

If you have ideas, solutions or new ways of working which could support our Insurance partners and our sales community, we are very keen to meet you. We'll share our knowledge, including the latest developments, and we'll introduce you to key players.

Image of Stephen Payne

Stephen Payne

Maximise Value Manager

If somebody can enable us to make a step change with one (or all) of these pressing challenges they will get every ounce of my support, challenge and expertise gained through nearly 30 years of being focused on conversion in Belron!

Image of Nick Burton

Nick Burton

Head of Digital and Innovative Technology

I help Belron navigate technological change so we can really make a difference. I'm looking forward to seeing great examples of new ways of interacting with customers and colleagues, and truly innovative approaches to using data.

Applications open: 28 Nov 2016
Applications open: 28 Nov 2016
29 Jan

Applications Close

Applications are open from 28th November 2016 to 29th January 2017.

17 Mar

Pitch Day

Pitch Day is your startup’s chance to Pitch to Belron's senior leadership from all over the world to win a place on the programme. You’ll have the chance to explain why you want to work with Belron and convince the panel that you’re right for the programme.

10 Apr

Programme Start

Collaboration with Belron starts here. During this time, we’ll set key objectives for what you want to achieve and have access to mentorship from senior leaders and external experts to help you get the most out of the programme.

26 Jun

Demo Day

Demo Day is where you’ll show us what your business has achieved over the 10 weeks and present your proposal for future engagement with Belron.

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L Marks are innovation specialists and early stage investors. We work with some of the UK’s best known brands, including John Lewis, BMW and IAG to identify the challenges in their business, and create bespoke partnership and scouting projects to turn these into opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Stuart Marks, L Marks aims to build bridges between corporates seeking to innovate and young companies with disruptive tech.