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Drive. Our startup accelerator, designed to fast-track disruptive young businesses looking for global expansion.

In partnership with

Drive with Belron was designed to find startups with disruptive solutions who could help us improve operations and discover new ways of working. We understand that innovative collaboration is crucial for continued development, which is why Drive with Belron is back for its third year.

Spanning across 6 continents and with over 26,000 employees, Drive provides startups with the opportunity to trial their solution in a global market.

Each team involved in the programme will be partnered with one of our participating countries (last year’s countries included Spain, France, Germany and US) with whom they will get an unparalleled opportunity to trial their products and solutions.

As well as this opportunity to validate their business in international markets, participating startups will have access to desk space at our offices in Egham, UK and receive dedicated mentoring from our senior leadership. We want to create long lasting partnerships, which is why we, and our investment partner L Marks, will ensure potential investment is available for participating companies.

Belron looks after around 15 million consumers each year in over 30 countries on six continents with a focus on service quality generating a very high level of customer satisfaction.

We make a difference by solving people’s problems with real care. We are the worldwide leaders in vehicle glass repair and replacement. We are the parent company behind 16 well-known brands across the globe, including Autoglass® in the UK, Carglass®, in Europe, SpeedyGlass® and Lebeau®, in Canada, and Safelite® in the US. In addition, we manage vehicle glass and other insurance claims on behalf of insurance customers. We are also expanding our services to focus on solving problems for people who need assistance with repairs to their vehicles and homes.

We are a truly global business, serving more than 15 million consumers in over 30 countries and generating over €3.3 billion in annual revenue. We are deeply committed to delivering the best service to our customers and partners, as shown by our group net promoter score (NPS) of 83%. We run our startup accelerator, Drive, to work with small businesses that can supercharge the service we provide, and bring new ways of improving our business.

Job every 3 seconds
Operational countries
Employees around the world
million jobs completed every year

Belron is a big business that values working with lots of other young companies. If you have a product or service and want to see how it works in the real world, we can really help you test, refine and improve it.

Nick Burton Chief Information and Digital Officer

Mentoring from Belron & Entrepreneurs

Trial your product globally in one of our businesses

£200,000 investment fund

Sponsored visits to international operations

Dedicated desk space in our UK office

Access to a range of benefits and startup perks

Drive is looking for early stage and growth companies who would like to work with us. If you are developing an exciting new product or service in one of the following areas, we want to hear from you!

1. Disrupt our ways of working using Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for innovative applications of AI to help us improve the way we work - whether it's an idea to improve the way we interact with our customers and partners, to generate insights using data to better understand what happened and why, or to predict what could happen, to support us in making autonomous real-time decisions, or to use image data to help us diagnose damage or support our field technicians better.

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2. Transform the vehicle body damage market

We are looking for ideas and solutions that can help us transform the motorist and insurer experience when solving a vehicle body damage problem or improve our internal processes and ways of working when completing a body damage repair.

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3. Making our customer journey even better

Our aim is to solve our customer's problems with real care, so we'd like to be challenged with ideas that make our end to end customer journey personal, seamless and as easy as possible; from the first contact with us, to solving their problem and getting feedback on how we did.

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4. Make working life easier for our people

Belron has over 13,000 technicians working in our branches and on the road delivering mobile service. We have hundreds of people working in our warehouses and supply chain, thousands working in our call centres, and thousands of support staff who take care of all the things we need to do so that our people can deliver a great experience for our customers.

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5. Surprise us!

We are looking for ideas, products or services that could leverage our strengths in vehicle glass repair and replacement, while disrupting the solution to other types of everyday problems that people have.

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1. Disrupt our ways of working using Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for innovative applications of AI to help us improve the way we work and have identified 6 areas categories that AI can help us:

  • Improving the way we interact with our customers, our partners and our people today, particularly when we do this using voice in our contact centres or using text via sms, chat or email.
  • Using image data to capture information like insurance policy numbers and vehicle identification numbers, or to assess a customer’s vehicle damage remotely.
  • To generate real-time context sensitive insights by combining multiple structured and unstructured data sets, while requiring less manual intervention from our analysts.
  • To predict behaviours (e.g. how happy a customer will be, to be given a particular appointment slot) and events (e.g. how likely a technician will need colleagues support because the particular job is very difficult)
  • Using the above capabilities, turn them into automated decisions.  For example, predicting that a particular group of contact centre agents are most likely to help with a particular customer’s problem and then assigning Joe to the call because she will be available with the next minute.
  • Using robotics to help with our more mundane tasks like stock keeping, or tasks that benefit from continuous precision like choosing multiple related parts for a job.

Category Owner: Craig Watt

2. Transform the vehicle body damage market

Belron has entered the vehicle body damage market in a number of countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, UK and Italy up to now), with services ranging from the repair of small dents and scratches, up to full collision repairs. We are looking for ideas and solutions that can help us transform the motorist and insurer experience when solving a vehicle body damage problem or improve our internal processes and ways of working w

hen completing a body damage repair. What do we already know that you could help with?

  • From our research, we know that damage frequency is high but for small damages a significant number of customers do not get them fixed for various reasons (it’s too small to bother about, too complex, too expensive, will take too long, may impact my insurance premium, etc.). How can we encourage more customers to get their damages fixed? How can we make it easier for them to understand their options and the impact their choices will have?
  • We also know from research that the customer experience is quite painful : red tape with the insurer to report the damage, third party involvement (expert/damage assessor), the car may be off the road for a long time, etc. How can we make the Customer Journey for a customer with damage to their vehicle body really easy and seamless?
  • For a collision damage to a car, on average the car is off the road for 10 days in a body damage workshop, yet the repair only requires on average 20 hours of working time, which means that a car is worked on only 2 hours a day!  How can we transform the operational process so the time the car is off the road is at least halved.

Category Owner: Nicolas Lenoir

3. Making our customer journey even better

Last year we solved problems for more than 15 million customers who contacted us to repair or replace vehicle damage.

Our Net Promoter Score of 80%+ reflects the fact that we do this with real care which our customers love.

However, there are 3 million customers that fail to complete the three stages of the customer journey through to the start of their job – we would like your help to provide our same amazing, and personal, service to them too! This might be by:

  • improving the research stage for someone who probably hasn’t needed our services for years
  • making the booking easy
  • helping to ensure customers that may need to wait a few days for their job to be done, don’t cancel.

We have lots of information about where in the customer journey people drop out, which channels they drop out of and insights as to why this happens. This means that every year the number of people we lose decreases, but as we become more popular, the volumes lost grows.

We strongly believe that smart digital thinking at any of these stages or across any of our channels, be that online, phone or face-to-face, will enable us to solve record numbers of problems, thereby improving our customers’ experience and our profitability.

Even the smallest improvement in conversion can have a dramatic impact for us, and quite likely, any other great service-orientated brand, focused on making a good customer journey, great!

Category Owner: Stephen Payne

4. Make working life easier for our people

Belron has over 13,000 technicians working in our branches and on the road delivering mobile service. We have hundreds of people working in our warehouses and supply chain, thousands working in our call centres, and thousands of support staff who take care of all the things we need to do so that our people can deliver a great experience for our customers.

We know we don’t always make it easy for our people to solve their customer’s problems – internal systems, processes and poor communication get in the way. We’re looking for ideas to make the working life of our people easier, so that they can better help our customers. For example:

During booking stage – Immediate identification of product or insurance policy identification; securing appointments that suits or fit with the customers schedule.

During waiting stage – picking the right piece of glass; automating the checking of work orders for accuracy and completeness.

During fitting Stage – virtual assistants for our techs to answer tricky questions on the job or from our customers; rescheduling of customer appointment using conversational AI; automation of administrative tasks or automating high volume repetitive tasks so our people can spend time on the more complex problems; augmented or mixed reality to techs to avoid mistakes in case of complex work.

Across the end-to-end stage – personalised information and insights for our people who are managing higher volumes and complexity of data for each customer; communications management brought together in one place to make it easier to communicate with individuals and teams; analytics around who, when, what time of day and week most problems occur and what these are and also predicting problems in the day.

Category Owner: Pete Rohrs

5. Surprise us!

As a business we continuously need to innovate and evolve in order to meet our purpose of making a difference by solving people’s problem with real care. We are fully open to hear about what new technologies and different approaches can do for us, our people and our customers. Surprise us!

Category Owner: Guillaume Dalbiez

We anticipate another great cohort and will ensure we help startups develop their business while bringing new ideas and innovation to Belron.

Stuart Marks Chairman, L Marks
Image of Craig Watt

Craig Watt

Digital Development Manager - Customer Operations

I’m extremely excited to hear from start-ups who can help us use the power of artificial intelligence to transform our customers experience, make life easier for our people and create efficiencies for our business. In return, I’ll be helping you build relationships with key Belron stakeholders around the world and helping you get the most of your limited on the Drive program.

Image of Robert Sterke

Robert Sterke

Head of Sales Development

After having been very successful within the Vehicle Glass Repair and Replacement (VGRR) over many years, we have started a new journey in another market segment: the Automotive Damage Repair and Replacement (ADRR). I am looking for innovative ideas and solutions to transform this market. As this is a very new service for us, we are exploring with a very open mind!

Image of Stephen Payne

Stephen Payne

Customer Journey Team Manager

I am looking for any startup that can help us convert even more enquiries into appointments so we can continue to smash the records we keep setting! My team and I work closely with our Business Units and are keen to provide real 'hands on' support with the right startups to go on this journey together.

Image of Nick Burton

Nick Burton

Chief Information and Digital Officer

I help Belron navigate technological change so we can really make a difference. I'm looking forward to seeing great examples of new ways of interacting with customers and colleagues, and truly innovative approaches to using data.

Applications open: Tuesday 5th December 2017
Programme Start 30th April 2018
4 Feb

Applications Close

Applications are open from 5th December 2017 to 4th February 2018.

9 Mar

Pitch Day

Pitch Day is your startup’s chance to pitch to Belron's senior leadership from all over the world to win a place on the programme. You’ll have the chance to explain why you want to work with Belron and convince the panel that you’re right for the programme.

30 Apr

Programme Start

Collaboration with Belron starts here. During this time, we’ll set key objectives for what you want to achieve and have access to mentorship from senior leaders and external experts to help you get the most out of the programme.

19 Jul

Demo Day

Demo Day is where you’ll show us what your business has achieved over the 10 weeks and present your proposal for future engagement with Belron.

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