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Drive with Belron: 2018 Cohort

Meet the three teams who will be working with Belron to fast track their business over the next 10 weeks

The Cohort

Bonobo aims to disrupt Belron's ways of working by using Artificial Intelligence to capture and analyse every single customer interaction: phone calls, emails, chat streams and more. Bonobo, base in Israel, turn these conversational data streams into actionable insights that improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, reduce churn and power a truly personalised customer experience.
Efrat Rapoport

Efrat Rapoport,

Co-Founder and CEO,


RightIndem, based in the UK, eliminate claims friction, turning a claim from something that can kill customer loyalty to one that builds it. RightIndem's self-service SaaS claims platform benefits both insurers and customers, reducing insurers claims cost and customer churn and delivers a faster more transparent service helping customers understand their cover, share documents and complete claims easily.
David Stubbs

David Stubbs,

Co-Founder and CEO,


Soft Edge is a Polish IT company that delivers innovative solutions which are tailored to clients' business needs. Their main goal is to improve client operational processes by implementing technologies such as mobile applications to make things happen "Automagically". Soft Edge are partnered with Carglass Belgium for this years Drive programme. They are helping Belron Group transform the vehicle body damage market by automating the hail damage detection and measurement process through their app.
Vitalii Istushkin

Vitalii Istushkin,

Co-Founder and Business Development Executive,

Soft Edge