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Renee Cacchillo, Safelite®’s Senior Vice President for Customer, Brand & Technology
4 Jul 2018

Blog post: Driven by innovation

Safelite® is partnered with RightIndem, an insurance claims platform, as part of this year’s Drive accelerator programme. We spoke to Renee Cacchillo, Safelite®’s Senior Vice President for Customer, Brand & Technology, to discover how RightIndem and Safelite® are working together on an eFNOL solution, and why innovation is so important to her.

Q: What was it that excited you about RightIndem at pitch day?  

A: We completed the wireframes for our eFNOL solution at the end of 2017 and rather than building that solution out, RightIndem provided us with an opportunity to use a partner and learn from their flow and integration.  Plus the white label capability is something our insurance partners will love.

Q: RightIndem is currently working with Safelite®. Tell us more about where you see this going in the future?

A: Ideally, we’ll make RightIndem the eFNOL solution that we integrate with insurance clients through APIs; essentially they will be the self service offering for our FNOL claims management solution.   

Q: RightIndem is working on a fraud detection tool. Do you think this could be a game changer within the industry?  

A: It’s possible. We still need to learn more about it, but fraud is a big topic with our clients every year.

Q: You recently won a Progressive Woman Award at the 2018 Smart Women Awards – congratulations! How did you get to where you are today?  

A: The Smart Women Award was for the innovation that we are leading at Safelite. Working with new technologies and designing CX solutions that leverage AI, cloud-based technology platforms such as Amazon Connect and more.

What’s made me successful? My willingness to try something new and move out of my expertise or comfort zone. I also have a great team whom I trust and allow for them to be the expert and I become the guide.

Q: What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentoring others along the way?  

A: Being a leader especially in an innovative and fast-paced environment requires a desire to look up and out, to take smart risks, to learn from those risks and to try again. This is more effective if the leader can flex their style to work with other personality styles. You need a team of distinct and unique thinkers to try, fail, succeed and try again. 

Q: You say that taking risks and embracing change have contributed to furthering your career. How do you embed this attitude into Safelite®, a company that’s been around for 70+ years?  

A: I believe it’s important to be curious and to encourage your teams to be curious. If you can teach your organisation to have a thirst for knowledge, innovation happens more often than not. In addition we share with our teams that change and comfort seldom coexist. The only commitment we have is to continue to drive change, advancements and innovation for our people and our customers.