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Drive with Belron pitch day
18 Apr 2017

Five startups to take a Drive with Belron

We’re delighted to announce that after successful pitches on the Drive with Belron pitch day on Friday 17 March, we will be working with UK-based startups: Talking Circles, ThanksBox, ThriveMap®, Locpin and US-based startup, Blitzz.

Talking Circles is a platform that allows employees to drive talent management and learning. The platform provides continuous learning between employees and matches them to share unique expertise, helping them become more productive at every stage of their career. Talking Circles will be working with Carglass® France.

ThanksBox provides a range of digital tools to maximise employee engagement and surface data-led insights to help managers measure and better understand their teams and employees. These tools focus on supporting cultural change and greater employee performance through effective peer to peer recognition, reward, pulse surveys, ongoing employee feedback, crowdsourced innovation and ideas management. ThanksBox will be working with Carglass® Germany.

ThriveMap® is a platform that measures how people like to work in order to predict team fit and improve team harmony. It works by mapping out the ideal working environment for a team to thrive in and can be compared to candidate preferences for more accurate, more objective and fairer recruiting. ThriveMap® will be working with Carglass® Spain.

Locpin better connects customers with delivery. Their platform gathers all the information necessary to link a precise location, and context, to the customer’s email or mobile number making it easy for a workforce to efficiently find any destination, even if it doesn’t have an address. Locpin will be working with Safelite®.

Blitzz provides a personalised, customer centric support platform to businesses to engage with their customers or end users in new powerful ways. Blitzz offers a video chat functionality which empowers the customer to start a video chat with businesses allowing them to reach out to a tech support or field rep to show a malfunctioning device, equipment or process. Blitzz will also be working with Safelite®.

The startups begin the 10-week programme on 19 April. They will work closely to understand the Business Unit they are working with so they can align / integrate their platforms and tools and test their ideas leading up to demo day on 26 June 2017. We’ll be following their journeys so look out for more information throughout the programme.

Take a look at our pitch day highlights below.