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6 Jun 2016

Meet the Drive 2016 Participants


Atta is an exciting startup from Spain, who will be working with the Speedyglass in Canada during Drive. Their gamification platform motivates, engages and empowers people to boost innovation and efficiency within businesses. Atta’s cross-platform App allows managers to better empower and engage employees by combining in the power of game techniques and collaboration. Solutions can be tailored and used as a way of crowdsourcing innovation.

Employees can engage with a game that is targeted at solving a particular business need (e.g. boosting efficiency) and the ideas generated by this can be extracted and potentially used by the business. This, in turn, better motivates employees.


Sorry As A Service

Sorry as a Service is a startup based in the UK and Estonia who will be working with Autoglass in the UK during Drive. They empower businesses to send personalised gifts to their customers. Sorry as a Service integrates with CRMs to automate the process of sending the personalised gift. They have built up a network of local partners across Europe so that businesses can send bespoke gifts to valued or dissatisfied customers.




Smartcalling are from the UK and will be working with Carglass in France and Germany. They allow large companies to conduct phone interactions with their customers in a more friendly & efficient way. Smartcalling eliminates the need for cold-calling through a software that integrates with existing Apps and displays interactive and engaging content on the customer’s phone when they’re being contacted by a business.

picture3 are from Spain and will be working with Carglass in Spain during Drive. They have developed an IoT platform that connects, stores, and analyses real time data from connected devices. Customers can modify the analytics front-end to receive the insights that they need.