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12 Jun 2017

Talking with Talking Circles

There are just a few weeks left in the programme. The startups are busy working on their pilots in the business units and preparing their findings for demo day which takes place at Milton Park on Monday 26 June.

In this edition, Dimple from Talking Circles shares her Drive experience to date, and Rama from Blitzz shares a few more pictures.

Talking Circles

Here’s Dimple, Co-Founder & CEO at Talking Circles (, with her Drive experience so far:

Three takeaways from Drive with Belron

I’ve recently had a remarkable experience. It feels different because it really was.

As part of the ‘Drive with Belron’ programme, we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Carglass® France and given that I’ve been on the Eurostar quite a bit, it’s given me quality time to reflect on our experience to date. Working with both, Belron International and Carglass® France has helped us to innovate, focus and deliver.


Thinking differently and making a difference is an important value across Belron. Having spoken to various business units, I’m mesmerised with the values alignment across business units and departments.

On the first day of the program, Dave Meller kicked off the 3-day induction and inspired us all. All he did was ask us to think differently. Receiving such an inspiring welcome fuelled all five startups to think differently and get ready to make an impact in our business units over the following nine weeks.

Dimple during her trip to Carglass® France


To begin with, when we started working with the Carglass® team in France, we wanted to capture how their workforce felt, the challenges and current initiatives in the company. Once you have more context, it’s easier to set KPIs and plan for an ‘express-pilot’ to prove the success of Talking Circles in their business environment.

Sebastien Valere (Head of Digital and Transformation) and Patricia Millet (Training Director) have been excellent leaders and communicators, especially when telling the organisation why they want to innovate and work with Talking Circles. When we met Eric Girard, Managing Director of Carglass® France, he was particularly interested in learning how Talking Circles could help break the silos that exist in large organisations.

On May 15th we hosted a sponsored launch lunch at the HQ office in Courbevoie, Paris. We gathered 25 ambassadors who were passionate about driving innovation at Carglass® and the idea of Talking Circles. These 25 people included a good mix of employees in Operations and HQ.

Focus & Delivery

Small business owners sometimes forget to communicate and set the company’s vision and mission statement. At Talking Circles, we’ve been clear about the importance of setting the company’s direction. We use this statement to remind our team and customers why we exist, however, most importantly, to help us build our product roadmap in an agile manner.

Building relationships and tapping into the expertise of the workforce at Belron International as well as in Carglass® France has been a real value to our company. With their expertise and our ability to link it to our vision, we’ve been able to develop our product more easily than we would have done otherwise.

So, here’s to more rewarding conversations and to working with great people!


Rama shared some pictures from a training session that Blitzz ( held with technicians in Union City, CA. The team had the opportunity to see how Blitzz works and were able to see the value it could provide to them.

Henry, Dmitriy, Selwyn, and Christian from the Union City Safelite® team working with Blitzz.

Rama and Keyur working with the Safelite® team to get Blitzz into action!

Look out for more updates coming soon.