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16 Jun 2017

ThanksBox and the lead up to Demo Day

With just over a week until demo day, the startups are collating their results and preparing their presentations.
In this update, Luke from ThanksBox shares some of his thoughts and experiences working on the Drive programme.


Luke, Co-Founder & CEO at ThanksBox, is working with Carglass®Germany. Below he shares his experience so far.

ThanksBox Engagement Platform

“The term ‘Employee Engagement’ doesn’t exist in German.”

I hadn’t studied German since school (I left 12 years ago this year!) but I had remembered the translation for ‘car’ was ‘auto’, ironically the name of the UK business is called Autoglass and the German business is called Carglass® – this even confused Google Translate!

We started the programme really getting to understand the Carglass® business, what they wanted to get achieve from the collaboration with ThanksBox and how we could make their life as easy as possible to implement our platform in just 6 weeks.

User research workshops in the Contact Centre, with our translator

At ThanksBox, we promote building systems with the experience of ‘humans’ (some might call them employees) in mind, so we wanted to spend time with our prospective users and arranged a trip to Germany.

We were overwhelmed by the warm welcome we received from our key sponsors Bernhard Speyer, Luisa America and Lennart Schultze. We also loved the all you can eat sushi restaurant after a long day and a workout!

Bernhard Speyer from Carglass® Germany

Ahead was a packed agenda, meeting people from the Head Office, the Contact Centre and the Service Centres.

Who knew, the term ‘Employee Engagement’ doesn’t translate to German!

It’s easy to believe that everyone thinks and speaks the same way that you do, but the first grounding thing we learnt from our experience was that the term ‘Employee Engagement’ doesn’t exist in the German language. Of course, the concept does but this taught us a great lesson – to consider the local nuances to the way you discuss your business.

Cologne Cathedral at night

At the end of the 2 days, we shared the things we had learned with from all of the people we met from the Carglass® business, both good and bad – there were no major surprises for the leadership team and we used this information to inform our approach to the launch in each venue.

Blown away by the success of the launch

On 1st June we launched to all Head Office and Contact Centre employees, over 400 employees were invited and two weeks in, already more 2/3’s of people have registered and thank you has been said over 2,500 times!

We knew that Carglass® was an amazing place to work and from our discussions, that people were achieving great things but the level of recognition for the hard work for the Carglass® people has been outstanding – well done team Carglass®!

Gearing up for Demo Day

We have one more visit booked to Germany to gather additional feedback from people there and then it’s full steam ahead to the big day on June 26th! We will let you know how we get on.

Click here to read the full post on their blog.

A bit about demo day

The 26 June – demo day – is fast approaching. Each team will have 10 minutes to present their findings and showcase their platform to the judges. The judging team includes L Marks and the GLTM, GMs, Mentors and others that have been working closely with the startups. 

When the 10 minutes is up, the judges have the opportunity to ask questions. The judges will have the afternoon to discuss the presentations, their experiences and investment options. The startups could secure investment of up to £200,000.

Photos from demo day in 2016