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25 May 2017

The halfway point

We’re halfway through the programme! Find out more about the mid-programme review session and what the teams from Blitzz and Locpin have been up to.

Mid-programme review

Last week the startups were back in Milton Park to review the first half of the programme.

Each startup spent around 30 minutes with some of the L Marks Team, Nick Burton and the category mentors, presenting their experience so far and their plan for demo day. It was great to see the progress made, and hear how much they were enjoying the programme and working with the business units. Dimple from Talking Circles, who’s working with Carglass® France, commented: “It’s great to see the passion to innovate!”

The startups are now running pilots in their partnering business units and so we’re looking forward to seeing the results on Demo Day in June.

Microsoft mentoring

Also last week, Microsoft came to Milton Park to meet the Drive with Belron startups and offer technical consultancy. This involved one-to-one discussions with the Microsoft experts. In addition to this, their offer includes bespoke subscriptions, product credits and business development support which will really help the startups.

You can find out more about the Microsoft offer here.

The Blitzz and Locpin story so far…

As part of the programme, all of the startups have now visited the business units they’re working with and developing their solutions for. We caught up with Rama from Blitzz and Guy from Locpin. Find out more about their experience to date below.


Guy on his first visit to Safelite®

Locpin and Blitzz with Kathy Domer from Safelite®

Durning their trip to Safelite® there was a hackathon taking place, which both teams were invited to watch.

Guy learnt that even the screens are supersized across the pond!

Look out for more updates coming soon.